Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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Hand and Foot Powered Pediatric Cycle
Price:   $1,495.00   
Seat Options:

Arm Rest Options:
Adaptive Sprocket Option:
Lap Belt Option:
Chest Belt Option:
Toe Clip Option:
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Foot Conversion Option Convert to Hand Only Power:
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Pediatric hand and foot powered cycle.  Especially effective for those with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Mental Challenges, or Low Muscle Tone. Helps to train motor skills.  Gets the children out with others to have fun.  Great Cardiovascular Exercise

Fits most children ages 2 to 6
(Single speed on Front Drive)

These cycles are so much fun - every kid on the block will want to ride. Excellent cycling for those who cannot use their legs. Excellent for the rider with low muscle tone or one who needs help developing motorskills. These cycles encourage exercise because of the high level of excitement in riding outdoors with other bikers.

Rock and Roll takes great pride in providing a device that brings joy to others. Rock and Roll will customize a cycle for the needs of each individual, such as those with:

•Spina Bifida
•Visual Impairment/Blindness
•Cerebral Palsy
•Partial Paralysis
•Orthopedic Handicaps

The easy forward and backward motion of the handlebar propels
the front wheel.  Also, the cycle will coast with the handlebar held still (freewheeling) One can use the handlebar only - the footpedals only - or both at the same time! Steering is very easy.   Watch our short video!


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