Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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Fantastic "Rock and Roll Cycle" Stories!

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Vickie's Story

Vickie S. of Munfordville, KY received her Earn-A-Bike kit December 23
, and earned TWO CYCLES before the end of January. She gave one of the cycles to her granddaughter and the other cycle to another special child in Munfordville.

Thank You Vickie!

Here is how she did it:

Vickie made an 8.5x11 poster including her granddaughter's picture and placed it on her desk at the Court House. Some close friends did the same for her at their businesses. The orders for lights came pouring in. Vickie said,
"this is quick and easy!"


Denise's Story

Denise H. of Worthville, KY received her Earn-A-Bike kit on Thursday and by Wednesday (6 Days Later!) had earned a cycle for her daughter Amanda. WOW!!

Here is how she did it:

Denise put her name, phone number, and address on the letters which were included in her Earn-A-Bike kit. She then handed out the letters to the school bus drivers, some policemen, and other business people with immediate results. This completed her program very quickly. She is now earning the Centipede so she can go riding with Amanda.
They are going to have fun!


Hannah's Story

Hannah is a beautiful, outgoing girl in Wisconsin!
When Hannah and her mother, Lynn, received their program kit, they found out how easy it is! The local newspaper ran an article for them.They passed out the provided letters at school and to friends and even presented their video to a local cycle club.  


Hannah received her NEW CYCLE and donated two to other children! WAY TO GO HANNAH! They said, "
It's so easy after the newspaper article, passing out the flyers, and showing the free video!"


Craig's Story

Craig is a Special Education and Resource Teacher in Tennessee.
Craig got teachers and students involved. Parents helped by sending out the letters provided in the kit. The newspaper announced their Earn-A-Bike program. They held a cook out and a group handed out flyers at a local grocery store.  

Craig has helped six children receive cycles and is now working to earn a cycle for a seventh child!  

He says, "This is the best program we've ever worked with. I hope many parents will do the same. We highly endorse this program!"


Brooke's Story

Brooke and her mother, Gena, of New Mexico used their home computer
to scan Brooke's picture and a picture of the bike she wanted into the information letter. They then passed out their flyers at school and at mom's work place.  

Orders came in fast! 
SO LITTLE EFFORT WITH SUCH GREAT REWARD!  Brooke earned her tandem cycle PLUS AN EXTRA CYCLE THEY GAVE TO HER SCHOOL. They said, "More orders are still coming in!"


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